Itineraries: discover south Sardinia with the Sail&B sailboat.

Charter the Sail&B sailboat and cruise Sardinia’s southern coast from Capo Carbonara to Capo Spartivento.
The Sail&B sailboat, your charter to discover the Sardinian south coast. The Gulf of Angels: from Capo Carbonara to Capo Spartivento.
Capo Carbonara to the east and Capo Spartivento to the west are the boundaries of the Gulf of Cagliari, also aptly named the Gulf of Angels. Legend has it that God once asked the Angels to find a peaceful place to live on earth where harmony abounded and hatred was unknown. The Angels found and chose Sardinia, the closest place to paradise. The Gulf of Cagliari is lined with rocky cliffs, sand, beaches, grottoes, and hidden inlets. Go search for yourself or ask Antonio and Cristina about their favorite spots. Discover all the offers, last-minute proposals, and discounts for a charter or a boat Boat&Breakfast vacation in Sardinia.

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